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Healthcare & Life science

we pride ourselves in offering innovative and sustainable Medical device and Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Our portfolio of fluids, adhesives and polymers will match your ever-increasing need for sustainability, innovation and compliance. Our Life Science portfolio supports your demand for sustainability, quality and innovation in your personal care or cleaning formulations

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Life Science


Topical silicone solutions for ostomy care

Topical silicone solutions for ostomy care Formulate topical barrier film and adhesive removal products for ostomy patients Ostomy care products that are gentle, effective, pleasant-feeling and easy to use encourage patients to take better care of the skin around their stoma. When properly treated, the skin stays healthier and the patient experiences less discomfort, making life with an ostomy a more positive experience. [...]

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The APIs, Excipients, Elastomers, Adhesives and Fluids utilised in Medical or Pharmaceutical products are subject to stringent regulatory compliance. We understand, promote and adhere to those demands providing you with the leading products and ingredients from the leading producers. Our technical teams, supporting you every step of the way….


Medisinske silikoner

Carefully designed Medical grade Polymers, Medical Adhesives, Medical Coatings, Tubing and Medical Elastomers for medical device -and clinical applications. Documented regulatory compliance, stored and shipped with GDP

Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients and Process aids

Farmasøytiske ingredienser

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients, Topicals, Extracts  and preservatives. Documented regulatory compliance, produced with GMP, stored and shipped with GDP

Life Science

Considering Sustainability every step of the way, we do not only react to change, but aim to drive change through producer and consumer awareness. Our Personal Care portfolio reflects that mindset by introducing natural products with the equivalent performance of legacy products

Personal Care

Personlig pleie

Discover our complete range of raw materials and ingridients to tailor your sustainable personal care products of tomorrow .

Functionals from PROD’HYG

Active ingredients from PROD’HYG

Plant extracts from PROD’HYG

Seed extracts from PARODI NUTRA

Aromatic Extracts from Prod’Hyg & Carrubba

  • Acai og Goji berries (mix) extract M8573 
  • Blueberry (mix) extract M8574
  • Mandarin, Ginger and lilly (mix) extract M9084 
  • Grapefruit og pomegranate (mix) extract M9088 
  • Green tea (mix) extract M9085 
  • Rose extract M9086 

Minerals from Grillo


A word from the Sales Manager

Lars Martin Haugberg

Staying competitive Today means moving fast, focused and flexible without compromising on quality or sustainability along the way.

We facilitate your competitiveness by offering complete and innovative portfolios from the world’s leading producers, in-house technical expertise and swift response to your challenges.

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